For years, ADVEL has specialised in legal advice for companies operating both domestically and internationally. Our attorneys have pursued further education abroad and accumulated professional experience in other countries. Our international profile places us in a strong position when representing local companies in international transaction or safeguarding the interest of foreign parties in Iceland. The firm’s partners have advised some of Iceland’s biggest corporations, public authorities and a growing number of foreign clients. ADVEL offers tailored quality advice to the firm’s clients, based on extensive knowledge and practice in the firm’s areas of expertise.

In order to better serve the international needs of its clients, ADVEL is a member of Globalaw. Globalaw is a leading organisation for the cooperation of medium-sized law firms specialising in corporate law.

ADVEL is also part of the Vogel Global Competition Network, which is a global network of law firms specialising in competition law.

ADVEL’s services are rated annually by Chambers and Partners and The Legal 500 Website.

Our Mission
We respect each other as equals and encourage staff to share experiences and opinions providing for a positive and vibrant workplace. Our focus and main approach is to jointly pursue our clients’ interests. By working as a team, we ensure that our clients always have access to the best knowledge and experience of the team members which produces the best results for our clients.

Social Responsibility
ADVEL places great emphasis on respecting and encouraging equality and diversity. We consider it our fundamental duty to not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, sexuality, marital status, childbearing, age, disability, religion, opinions, nationality, race, colour, economic status, family or on any other grounds. We strive to achieve this goal by going beyond the duties prescribed by law and the Icelandic Bar Association’s Codex Ethicus.
ADVEL metur að verðleikum og leggur áherslu á fjölbreyttan bakgrunn starfsmanna sinna sem búa yfir ólíkri menntun og starfsreynslu á mismunandi sviðum og löndum. Við hvetjum starfsmenn okkar til að þróast í starfi á ólíkum sviðum með því að sækja sí- og endurmenntun bæði hér á landi sem erlendis. ADVEL lítur á það sem skyldu sína að ráða reglulega laganema með ólíkan bakgrunn frá háskólum landsins í launað starfsnám eða hlutastarf til að veita þeim tækifæri til að kynnast starfsemi lögmannsstofu og auka við fjölbreytni í starfsliði stofunnar.
ADVEL places great importance on the wellbeing of its employees and supports efforts to balance professional and personal life. We encourage our employees to take maternal or parental leave to tend to their growing family and are flexible towards the parents of young children when they return to work from their leave. We encourage employees to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce work-related stress. We consider a gender balance in our staff to be a clear advantage for the firm.
ADVEL is a proud supporter of entrepreneurial activities in Iceland through the firm’s collaboration with Icelandic Startups. The firm has supported the Golden Egg business plan competition with direct donations, as well as supporting various entrepreneurial activities by way of work contributions, consultation, lectures, work on judging panels and pro bono advice for individual entrepreneurs. The firm’s goal is to further increase its support for start-up companies by making agreements that combine advantageous discount terms with pro bono advice. Our goal is to support diversity in the Icelandic economy, which in turn contributes to a more dynamic society. ADVEL also supports various cultural and charitable causes with direct financial donations year-round.

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Hafnartorg, 3 hæð, Kalkofnsvegi 2 – 101 Reykjavík

Hafnartorg, 3 hæð

Kalkofnsvegi 2

– 101 Reykjavík